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I was able to acquire 6 instagram accounts with over half a million people at a fraction of the cost. This is the future. It is one of the fastest ways to shortcut your traffic and get your dream customers coming to you without having to put the time and the effort in! I'm using it to launch my brand, and my business. Hope you guys do as well.


“So, how do you get thousands of your dream customers practically overnight?”

From: Raleigh & Chandler

Dear friend,

Want to predictably bring in hundreds of your dream customers each day? 


Don't build it... Buy It

You don't have to build your Facebook group... Just BUY ONE!

At the time of this writing, we’ve acquired over 1.7 million followers from Facebook Groups, and other social media assets … and it gets us in front of our dream customers. FAST.

But most importantly, they generate HUNDREDS of new clients/leads every day!

Our first traffic asset purchased was a well known Facebook Group in our space... Within 30 days of buying the group we  had tripled our investment!
Fast forward to today & we now have the largest audience in our space that generates 20-30 leads every single day.


We don’t stress about platforms muting our message, algorithms changing, our account getting banned, or new iOS updates.

Soon after we discovered how well this process worked inside our own business, we began teaching it to others.

At first, we were nervous to teach it because we didn’t know if it was a fluke or if we had somehow gotten “lucky.”

But surprisingly, our system worked just as well, if not even better, for our clients. 

Here’s what some had to say:

Carli Williams

"The Traffic Takeover System was the best money I ever spent. I literally tripled the money that I spent on the media asset in the first month. It was amazing."


"Traffic Takeover System is a no-brainer. They helped us identify a Facebook group and the opportunity, they gave us the scripts, they told us what to look for. They walked us through the entire process, and now we've got a thriving Facebook group and podcast that generates inbound leads for us."

Joseph Aaron

"Within the first hour of going through their process. I have an idea that I know will generate millions in revenue and even more on my exit. Be ready for multiple 7 figures in value.."
Acquiring traffic assets (such as social media accounts, email lists, blogs, or newsletters) that already have an engaged audience in your niche could be the sales and marketing asset you’ve been looking for to book yourself solid, gain consistent results, and scale. 

And it's not just us succeeding with our methodology either... 

We have clients winning big in every niche you can imagine… 

  • Coaches / Consultants
  • Relationships
  • Real Estate / Investors
  • FitPros / Nutritionists
  • SEO Services
  • Medical Doctors
  • Christianity
  • Fitness / Weight Loss
  • Spirituality
  • Insurance Agents
  • Small Businesses
  • Credit Repair
  • Photographers
  • Ecom Businesses

And now we want to help you get more customers with buying traffic assets!


Traffic Takeover System

Here's what you get:

3 Day Live SONIC Workshop

Join us LIVE next week! As we go deep into the SONIC framework so that by the end of the event you'll have a list of potential acquisitions. You'll have reached out to owners, started negotiating, and some will have acquired their next media asset by the end of the workshop!

Lifetime Access To Media acquire Pro

Get 1lifetime access to our marketplace where you can talk directly to sellers who are already interested in selling their media asset. 

Ongoing Access to the 8 module SONIC system

During the 6-module SONIC System, I’ll show you behind the scenes of 5 different media assets we've acquired for ourselves or past clients.

Inside you'll see the exact process we use to:Together we will Implement 8 key systems in place that allow you to:
  •  Source and find on and off market deals
  • ​Outreach to the owner with proven scripts
  • ​Negotiate the deal so that it's a win-win
  • ​Investigate the asset so you understand exactly what it's worth
  • ​Close the deal with different deal strategies
You’ll leave with real results including your very own Media Asset that you have acquired and the next steps to scaling and monetizing that asset.

Asset Valuation Calculator

One of the biggest questions we got about buying media assets was, "How do you value the asset itself? How much should I pay for it?". We will cover more valuation techniques and multiples inside the course but we also wanted to give you our calculator where you could put in the stats and info on the asset and it will pump out what we'd pay for it.

Traffic Takeover Toolbox

All our templates, CRM, Scripts, and resources you need to implement the system so you don't need to worry about what tool to use, where do you get a contract, where to track all your potential acquistions, etc. 

Some of the tools include:
  •  LOI Template
  • ​Purchase of Sale Agreement
  • ​Outreach Scripts
  • ​Recommended softwares
  • ​Reactivation Scripts
  • Post Acquisition Processes
  • ​and tons more...

BONUS 1: DM Negotiating Scripts

We had a client once who was trying to acquire this asset from someone for awhile he tried cold emailing, different DM scripts, and getting this owner on the call. We started working with him and within 45 minutes of reaching out to this owner we had agreed on a price, went over the terms, and closed the deal! As a bonus we'll give you this exact script and why it works so well.

BONUS 2: Post Acquisition Monetization & SOPs

The 2nd BIGGEST question we got from everyone about acquiring media assets was what happens after the sale? How do you introduce yourself as the new owner? 

Well as a VERY special bonus we brought in 2 people who are the best we know about traffic assets. One of the guys has over 20 millions followers and knows every metric to grow channels and media assets. Our other guest is the KING when it comes to monetizing non-monetized assets or also dead assets.

Both of our guests share there processes for hiring, managing the assets, collaborating with other influencers, and integrating your offers into the new asset you just acquired.
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